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Photobucket Fucker – Ultimate solution to get your Photos back

How to download photos from Photobucket to computer?

Just use this tool :=)



How to use:

Just Click on “DoIt”. Photobucket asks you to login into the service and allow this tool to manage your pictures.

Photobucket API is very very slow and not responsible. It is possible in rush-hours that you get an error or no connection message. Please try again, close app start again.

After successful login it gets a list of all you images on Photobucket and begin to download they into the folder PB with the some structure like on Photobucket.

You get two additional files in root of PB folder. They have link to pictures and the other one has folder structure on local pc and file names and links. So you can reupload your images and with “find – replace” change you links in your posts.

p.s. For Livejournal and WordPress I have a small tool, that goes through all posts and replace the links.

If you like this tool, please support it!

Download: ewelt.org/software/PBFucker/PhotobucketFucker.zip



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